Oilfield Accidents

Working in oil and gas exploration and production is extremely dangerous work, characterized by massive machinery, long hours and high-pressure deadlines. While most companies in the industry have formal safety protocols in place, accidents happen frequently, resulting in catastrophic and even fatal injuries. These accidents have many causes. Heavy equipment can fail, safety procedures are overlooked, training can be insufficient for the task at hand, errors occur in drilling and other work processes, workers are pushed too hard to work faster, and the list goes on.

Let’s talk about your oilfield accident case.

If you or a loved one has suffered from an oilfield accident, call us. We understand the rules and complexities surrounding personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our work injury attorneys are experienced and tenacious in representing plaintiffs across a wide range of oilfield accident lawsuits. We know how to take on the legal teams at big corporations and insurance companies and get the results our clients deserve. We have helped numerous clients hold oil field companies and their insurers responsible for the accidents they have caused, and have successfully recovered damages for our clients’ physical, emotional and financial harm. We’re ready to help you. Contact us and we can discuss your situation and evaluate your legal options.