Hospital Negligence

Every day millions of actions take place in hospitals, including surgeries, tests, diagnoses, administering drugs and much more. While hospitals generally strive to help patients, there are thousands of instances where negligence ends up causing great harm. Medical negligence can occur in many ways–through surgical procedures, mistakes with anesthesia, misdiagnoses, misreading of tests, incorrect prescriptions and dosage, poor medical instructions, inadequate warning of risks, failure to listen to patients, failure to communicate with patients, negligent hiring, understaffing, and the list goes on.

Employees also have responsibilities.

Within a hospital, there are many touch points where negligence can occur. A lawsuit can stem from the wrongful actions of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, therapists and the hospital’s general staff and administration. The hospital’s independent contractors, such as physicians who use the facility, are responsible for their actions as well and may be liable in a case.

While countless numbers of patients have potentially strong medical malpractice cases, they are up against a formidable legal machine that’s geared toward protecting hospitals and their insurance companies. Those patients who hire highly experienced medical malpractice lawyers have the best chance for getting justice.

Let’s talk about your hospital negligence case.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to hospital negligence, call us. The many factors surrounding these cases are complex and often very technical. Our medical malpractice lawyers understand these factors and are experienced and tenacious in representing plaintiffs across a wide range of medical negligence lawsuits. We know how to take on the big legal teams hired by hospitals and insurance companies and get the results our clients deserve. We have filed numerous negligence cases for clients around the country. We’re ready to help you. Contact us and we can discuss your situation and evaluate your legal options.