Volcano Crux

Volcano, a subsidiary of multinational conglomerate Philips, offers a spiral shaped IVC filter named the Volcano Crux. Like all IVC filters, the Volcano Crux is aggressively marketed with claims that it prevents pulmonary embolus. Yet there is no credible basis for these statements. The Volcano Crux has never undergone rigorous Level 1 clinical trials to prove that it actually works. What has been proven, however, is that it is very dangerous to the trusting patients who’ve had it implanted.

There have been numerous reports of Volcano Crux failures, and more are streaming in constantly. The filter has proven itself to be pro-thrombotic, which means it causes blood clots. Volcano is fully aware of this problem, yet it still markets the device with impunity. The greatest irony is that the company touts the Volcano Crux as way to prevent blood clots from reaching the heart or lungs, an unsubstantiated claim, while the device is actually causing blood clots. The bottom line – the Volcano Crux does no good and does much harm.

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