Cordis manufactures and aggressively markets two IVC filters, the non-retrievable TRAPEASE and optionally retrievable OPTEASE. Both filters are made of Nitinol, a medical-grade metal used in a number of vena cava filters on the market, yet the Cordis filters feature an unusual design compared to others. Rather than being conical, they more resemble a birdcage. Like all IVC filter manufacturers, Cordisadvertises that its filters trap blood clots and save lives, but there is no serious evidence that they work at all. They have never been subject to Level 1 clinical trials to prove that they can actually prevent pulmonary embolus. What is proven, however, is that these filters are dangerous.

Cordis TRAPEASE IVC Filters

The TRAPEASE is permanent. Even when the danger of pulmonary embolus has passed, the patient will have this device inside his or her body for life; that is, unless there is a complication that would necessitate removal. These IVC filter complications includefracture, in which metalpiecesbreak off and travel to other parts of the body, including the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Cordis toutsthe filter’sdouble-basket design as an innovation that offers dual-layer filtration for maximum clot trapping. The truth is that instead of saving lives, this product is threatening them.

Cordis OPTEASE IVC Filters

The OPTEASE also features a basket design and is marketed by Cordis as an “innovative option for prevention of pulmonary embolism.” The company says this filter offers all the proven strengths of the TRAPEASE, with the added benefit of being optionally retrievable. The problem with that statement is there are no proven benefits. Like all IVC filters, there is no Level 1 evidence that they prevent pulmonary embolus. They also present high potential for serious IVC filter complications.

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