Braun manufactures two IVC filters, the VenaTech Convertible and VenaTech LP. Both feature a unique conical design and are meant to remain in the body permanently. The manufacturer claims these products are safe, but a multitude of IVC filter complications and injuries have proven otherwise. Both filters have shown a tendency to fracture and migrate from the vena cava, sometimes into the heart. While the problems with Braun IVC filters are very real, the life-saving benefits touted by the company could be considered quite fictional. The filters have never been subject to rigorous Level 1 clinical trials that would prove they actually prevent pulmonary embolus.


The VenaTech Convertible

This IVC filter is designed to be permanently implanted, but once the risk of pulmonary embolus has passed, surgeons can remove the filtration portion, hence the claim that it is “convertible.” This procedure is much like surgeries for complete removal of IVC filters from other manufacturers.In this case, complete removal would be a better option, as there are many dangers from the part that is left in the body.


The VenaTech LP

The VenaTech LP is also designed to be permanently implanted, and it has no “convertability” feature. Whether the patient is at risk for pulmonary embolus or not, this entire filter will remain inside the body forever. The problem is that it likely won’t remain where it should be. Fracturing, migration, injury and death will always be a risk.

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