Rex Argon

Like other IVC filter manufacturers, Argon has introduced and continues to aggressively market filters that have not been proven to work. They have never undergone Level 1 clinical trials that would providestrong evidence that they actually prevent pulmonary embolus. In fact, the only thing that has been proven is that they can cause great harm.

There are numerous reports of Argon IVC filter complications and failures. They are pro-thrombotic, which means they cause blood clots. They migrate, fracture, perforate tissues, and over time they embed themselves in the vena cava and cannot be readily removed, even though they are marketed as optionally retrievable. Argon IVC filter lawsuits focus on two products, the Option and Option Elite.

The Option

Argon pulled the Option filter from the market several years ago. Still, many remain inside patients. Argon knows these filters are causing injuries and should be removed, but this usually isn’t possible for patients, as many attempted retrieval procedures have failed. After discontinuing the Option IVC filter, a replacement product was rushed to market– the Option Elite.

The Option Elite

Like its predecessor, the Option Elite IVC filter has never undergone a Level 1 study proving that it prevents pulmonary embolus. It did not undergo the scrutiny and rigorous testing required for FDA Class 1 approval. Instead, the filter was hurried to market by way of the 510(k) fast track, with no hard evidence of its efficacy or safety.

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