The anticoagulant drug Pradaxa was introduced in 2010 and vigorously marketed as a safer alternative to Warfarin. Sales soared immediately, but by 2012 hundreds of reports were flooding in that the drug was causing uncontrollable bleeding and deaths. Thousands of pharmaceutical lawsuits were filed against the manufacturer Beohringer Ingelheim, and the bulk of these were consolidated in multidistrict litigation and settled in 2014 for $650 million.

New Pradaxa lawsuits are being filed.

A large number of Pradaxa cases have been settled.  Since the MDL settlement, new cases alleging catastrophic injury have been filed. Those harmed by Pradaxa can sue for healthcare expenses, lost income, lost ability to work, pain and suffering, wrongful death and emotional distress. We have extensive experience fighting pharmaceutical companies which have placed dangerous drugs on the market. We understand the complexities of drug liability cases. Ben Martin Law Group has the resources, knowledge and perseverance to combat the drug companies and the lawyers hired by them to shield them from paying damages to their victims. We are leaders in representing plaintiffs in cases involving dangerous drugs.

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