Consumer Products

From toys to tools, household chemicals to cosmetics, electronics to recreational vehicles, we are surrounded every day by consumer products. Many of these are put on the market with the best of intentions but end up being extremely dangerous to the people who use them. Illnesses, injuries and deaths occur every day due to defective and unsafe products. When this happens, the incidents are required to be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS). If enough reports are filed about the same product, CPSC launches an investigation, which can lead to a product recall. It takes many reports to trigger this action, and many injury and deaths are not reported at all. Regardless of these government mechanisms, you have the right to be safe when you use products, and if you’ve been harmed, you may have the legal basis for a lawsuit.

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If you or a loved one has suffered from a dangerous product, call us. The attorneys at Ben Martin Law Group have extensive experience handling product liability lawsuits. We understand the rules and complexities surrounding these cases and we are tenacious in representing our clients’ best interests. We know how to take on the legal teams at big corporations and insurance companies and get the results our clients deserve. We have helped thousands of clients hold companies responsible for their dangerous products and seek damages for personal injury and wrongful death. We’re ready to help you. Contact us and we can discuss your situation and evaluate your legal options.