Attorney Referrals

We are extremely protective of our clients. We see to it that they get nothing short of the best legal representation. We know you likely feel the same way about your clients, and that you will be very careful about referring them to outside attorneys. We are honored that you would consider us. And we assure you that if you entrust your clients to our legal care, we will treat them well, advocate for them relentlessly, and help them achieve the results you both seek.

Across all of our practice areas, we have specialized experience on a national scale. We are skilled trial lawyers who understand the complexities of the law and know how to get results for clients, both in trial and in settlements. We handle individual cases, multi-party cases, and have a strong presence in the leadership in multidistrict litigation. Our attorneys can help your clients take on mega corporations, big pharma and large insurance companies, and the armies of lawyers they hire to shield them. We can help you and your client win.

Consider us for referral.

If you’d like to know more about Ben Martin Law Group, let’s talk. We can show you previous results we’ve achieved as well as discuss the particulars of your client and typical referral fees.